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one heart

RÊVERIE is comprised of singer/guitarist Sara-Devika Matyus, bassist Anna Lilith Weber, and drummer Stein Petit, all based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. This dynamic trio forms an energetic and powerful all-girl rock band that boldly pushes the boundaries of both genres and fashion. Their mission is to create a genreless, visually striking, and fresh-sounding movement that challenges conventional norms.

One of RÊVERIE’s most distinctive traits is their commitment to experimentation. They strive to produce music that defies typical expectations, ensuring each track offers a unique listening experience. Their approach is not just auditory but also highly visual, aiming to create a compelling emotional and sensory experience for their audience. As an all-girl band in contemporary times, they are here to showcase their full spectrum of talents and capabilities, breaking down stereotypes and proving their prowess in the music industry.

‘One Heart’ leads listeners through a profound exploration of ambition, longing, and the transience of human connections. Matyus’ lyrical poetry deftly balances the tension between grand aspirations and the unpredictability of reality. The song vividly captures Matyus’ internal struggle with her goals and the sensation of feeling unmoored in a world that feels both strange and familiar.

Using evocative imagery like ‘stars in my eyes,’ Matyus highlights her resolute pursuit of dreams amid the shadows of doubt. In the midst of life’s chaos, she reflects on past relationships, yearning for deeper connections in a sea of fleeting encounters. ‘One Heart’ encourages introspection, prompting listeners to reflect on their own emotions and desires.

The haunting refrain, ‘you’re a memory I can’t get to keep, feel the time going so slow,’ encapsulates the elusive and transient nature of memories. Matyus comments, ‘It’s so weird to tell reality and a memory apart sometimes, what makes a daydream not a real memory?’ Through emotive vocals and atmospheric instrumentation, ‘One Heart’ captivates with its alternative pop sound and introspective themes, resonating deeply with audiences. It’s a compelling examination of the human experience, filled with hope, longing, and the quest for meaningful connections and the fulfillment of lifelong dreams.