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Once Upon a Time

Oklahoma-based artist Denvre is continually inspired by the tension of life’s contrasting elements and it shows in her melodic choices, lyrics, and visual artwork. Her music evokes a dual emotion of despair and beauty delivered by a voice that is just as haunting as it is angelic. The classical tendencies in her writing she attributes to her mother teaching piano, her dance training, and obsessively watching Disney and Old Hollywood movies. That paired with the influence of Björk, James Blake, and Julie London, Denvre has created an intriguing world of music and visuals that capture the dreams of an honest human while letting fantasy intertwine with ordinary life.

Once Upon a Time is a lullaby that will move you into another dimension. It’s a dreamy, romantic piece letting us enter a fantastical universe. Denvre explores the daunting reality of life and love falling short of the high hopes once had, and confronting the honest feelings of dissatisfaction. She fears that maybe the fairytale ending isn’t in the works for everyone… but at the same time she doesn’t leave us completely hopeless as she says “But I can hear the whispers in the wind, I’ll begin again”.