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Ojos Nuevos


Four years after the release of his highly praised third album, ‘Out of the Darkness’, Gizmo Varillas, Brighton based artist collaborates with renowned Welsh harpist Amanda Whiting to present a captivating new single that reflects significant personal and professional transformation.

“Ojos Nuevos” is probably the most important song in Gizmo’s life as the his personal tragic story was an impulse to write it…

‘I wrote “Ojos Nuevos” two years ago, the day before my dad passed away. He was battling cancer, and I was in Spain by his side during his final weeks. During that time, I felt a strong urge to write a song. I felt a sense of urgency, like time was running out. I picked up my guitar and wrote it in just a couple of hours. The next day, I got the dreaded phone call that he was gone. “Ojos Nuevos,” will always be a special one for me. The title translates to “new eyes,” and the song is about that moment in life when you stop taking things for granted. Seeing my dad’s life slipping away at the age of 60 and not being able to do all those things he had planned to do, became that moment for me. Instead of being consumed by the darkness, my “new eyes” allowed me somehow to see the light. My dad was no longer with me, but I chose to see his presence echoing in nature, in the chirping birds outside his window, in the rolling hills of our hometown, in Cantabria. I was reminded that life is short, and we need to live it with intention and a sense of purpose. Since that day, I try to carry myself differently, with grace, thankful for every healthy day I get to spend doing what I love, surrounded by the people I care about. A year or so passed, and I found Amanda Whiting’s music through a friend. The harp has always been one of my favourite sounding instruments and after only hearing a few notes, I knew I wanted her to be a part of this song. She added an eerie and magical touch to the song with her enchanting flamenco-infused riffs.’