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October full of beautiful discoveries

Are you feeling rich Autumn breeze already? There is something magical when it starts getting a bit colder but the sun still covers the skin with its warm rays. Nostalgia hits hard and we’re ready to start recalling summertime moments covered in a cozy blanket. Every month we make sure to deliver the best of the best of alternative music for you and this month we want you to discover some amazing tunes we’ve found!

Being alive is hard!

Spoken like a true millennial, these words from Danish-Faroese singer songwriter, Brimheim, succinctly sums up her basic thesis of life.  However, her ever present existential crisis has given birth to a beautiful world of music where weeping guitars and deep, intimate vocals make time stand still. 

Throughout my life, I’ve behaved in a lot of self-destructive ways, attempting to fill this deep, barren void inside of me with everything from drugs to self-harm. But more than anything else, I’ve had to reckon with an unquenchable desire for other people’s approval and adoration, both as a human being and as an artist. That’s what Literally Everything is about – the overwhelming impulse to sacrifice everything, including my self-respect, in exchange for a moment of admiration.

East-London based singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Canty announces their debut EP Boyfriend / Girlfriend. The EP follows the release of Canty’s debut AA-side single “Follower” and “Mercy Street”. To celebrate the announcement, Canty shares the lead single ‘Boyfriend’, a dreamy love song to male femininity. The EP features two other tracks, “Love Song Suicide” and “Girlfriend”, and will be released on Full Time Hobby on November 10th. 

NYC native singer/songwriter Lila Dupont has released her new single & video ‘Dance and Smoke and Sing’. The track was written when Lila was getting over a cold and trying to end her romantic relationship. Its upbeat, ethereal tone reflects her daydream feeling that she would be much happier if she could run away and escape her current situation.

Something gorgeous coming here from LA based Texan Chance Peña, who is following up his well received recent EP ‘ Lovers To Strangers’ with stunning new single ‘ I Am Not Who I Was’. A guitar led cut showcasing Chance’s dreamy vocals over inventive production, the track tells a story of change and how that change can make it difficult to go home. 

A stellar offering on the way here from Lithuanian- Australian artist Ūla, who is revealing her new single ‘SCANDAL’ on September 28th. A bubblegum grunge cut showcasing Ūla’s honeyed vocals over driving guitars, the track is an attention grabbing cracker from an artist who has recently shared stages with Alfie Templemen and Mother, Mother. Speaking on the track, Ūla states:

This track is about being bored and wanting to start some drama. You don’t always have to be looking for love, sometimes you need to just have some fun.

The Seshen’s new album ‘Nowhere’ is a raw and vulnerable expression of loss, estrangement, and stepping into the unknown. With a sound that blends electronic, R&B, and indie-pop, this Bay Area-based sextet has created a cohesive work that speaks to being in an unfamiliar space – feeling untethered to the things you once knew.

‘Waiting For Dawn’ a song that found its place on Sheshen’s album offers glimpses into the complexities of love, loss, and resilience.

Inspired by artists like Tame Impala, Steve Lacy, and Childish Gambino, Walter The Producer prefers to let his music speak for itself. An artist just dropped his latest single ‘Slow Down’ about the toxic personality.


The lyrics are kinda about someone who is very attractive who is not a great person. So she gets people to fall in love with her just to destroy them. And I was super inspired by sundress by tame impala / asap rocky on this one.


Artist, songwriter, and producer Solar Bloom released the new dreampop single ‘This Tiny World’, the first single by the artist dropping in 2023 after taking time off to write and develop his distinctive indie sound.

French band 33 Dogs formed in 2020 released their freshest banger for all of the lovers of psychedelic rock. ‘Starship’ wil take you on the cosmic trip in 70s vibes!