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Norwegian pop witch MOYKA is back

Moyka wrote her first song at just ten, inspired by losing a friend who was moving away. The theme of saying goodbye – with its heady mix of pain, confusion, and eventual resolution – remains a rich subject for this suite of robust, endlessly melodic pop songs. 

Country life allowed her to immerse herself in her creative imagination – but it was only on moving to Bergen that she figured out what kind of musician she wanted to be. Writing songs, and playing an acoustic guitar, was not enough – when it came to making records, she needed to know how to do everything herself. Three and a half years ago, enrolling on a music production degree in Bergen, Moyka divided into a synth world. She was at school from the moment it opened to the moment it closed, covering herself in the complex electronic landscapes of Röyksopp, Highasakite, and AURORA; Robyn, Alt J, and Son Lux. Working with Cubase and soft synths and samples, she learned how to create, blow by blow, her own, mystical, synth-driver universe. 

“I wanted to do things myself. That was my main motivation,” Moyka says. “I wasn’t interested in playing solos and being technical on the guitar. The synth world was something new – and being good at that gives you a lot of power for yourself, in terms of the kind of expression you want. I never started out picturing what other people might say.”

Moyka’s sophomore single I Don’t Wanna Hold On is the next release for the forthcoming debut album The Revelations of Love. It’s a song that will give you goosebumps. Innocent, soft vocals, beautiful, layered synths create the perfect record. It’s hard to put in words how powerful this song is. We’re happy to announce that more amazing music is coming and Moyka’s debut album will be out later this year.

 “I Don’t Wanna Hold On is song is about the sorrow of heartbreak. I wrote it when I was at a point where I felt so tired carrying around the sadness. I just wanted to let go. This idea for this song started in Berlin. A lot of the lyrics had already been written before I really pieced the song together part after part. I write a lot either in my notes on my phone or in a book. Whenever an idea pops up, I write it down. I remember sitting in my room trying to make sense of how the song should be after we’ve made a verse. I realized it could be as simple as crying out to myself that I didn’t want to hold on anymore, and that’s how it became.”