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Nicky Lipp goes through personal recovery

Ten years after a youthful headrush of touring, major label deals and the resultant crash sent him underground on a decade-long voyage of self-discovery, Nicky Lipp is back. Reinvented and re-energised, he releases his debut single, the brash and beat-laden, ‘One Of These Days’ his proof of personal recovery. Lipp finds what feels like an effortlessly contemporary flow riven with piano, synths and room-filling, electronic percussion held together at the core by his beloved drums, bass and guitar. Part-confessional, part-sermon, Lipp’s lyrics strike a determined tone, relaying the relief of weights lifted and of time passed.

I want to enjoy this, and I want to connect with people. I want it to serve a bigger purpose. Success is something you get to determine – so already I feel like a success because I get to do this again. I want to go on this journey with people.