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My Body YOUR Choice

U.K. artist Issy Wood examine her health and shares 12-tracks in My Body Your Choice music album.

Wood shares personal experience over the past year and her own personal neuroses. A lot of its moments involve indignation over situations she feels she willingly walked into, punctured by admissions of responsibility. “TRASH” specifically deals with the idea of actively seeking turmoil within one’s life while “PARTS” is about the sometimes conditional nature of love, and the subsequent hiding of being a little deranged. “PLATE,” on the other hand, speaks to the feeling of being overwhelmed at a buffet.


is the latest release from My Body Your Choice music journey. It’s a piece that you want to dive in and understand what stands behind it. The visuals in the music video creating an integral part with the music overwhelming you and magnetising in the same time. You can’t stop looking at it and listening to it.

“This album title came to me long long long before the ritual stripping of American women’s rights, and it does not attempt to mock that calamity,” shared Issy about the album. “It does, however, mock the idea that I have some overarching, transcendent grip on myself. The title is about medical treatment, sexual assault, or even the shameful relief of allowing someone else to make a decision for me. The music video for “HEALTH” is an unofficial formal sequel to “DEBT” released in 2020. Its genesis was some of the paintings I’d been making during the pandemic of tiny women climbing all over objects, then taken to the extreme. The presentation of the objects relates indirectly to a defunct British game show called The Generation Game, wherein family members team up, are shown objects on a conveyor belt, and have to remember them after the fact.”