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Music Premiere: LOVEHOLIC* by Lass

Love is too difficult to understand, but it is alluring and beautiful to make me want to experience it and write about it. In her newest album, the artist LASS invites you to the world of those addicted to love…

LOVEHOLIC* is an album about moments, loneliness, feelings hidden under the masks, about the heart of a killer, passion, about saving stars falling from the sky, about a velvet night in an Italian garden, about a better person, about filled with the desire Loveholics running from the storm and how nothing is ever over.

After song ‘Dym’ well-received by radio,  LASS is not waiting to present more great music. KATHERINE IS INNOCENT is the second single from LASS’s debut album LOVEHOLIC*.  LASS will release one song from the album per week. At the end of January, the entire album will be available on streaming services.





Underneath her smile there is a killer’s heart. She’s good at the start but don’t dare take advantage. You win or you learn. There is no reason to blame anyone. Let the bridges you burn light the way and when you lose your ground, you will pray to God. She saw the light in him, she saw how he burns, but he was fireproof, he was indestructible.

In the music video for KATHERINE IS INNOCENT, LASS conducts a poignant monologue of movement as a woman who has been thrown out into the sea and who burns like the sky in the final scenes. This connects to the imagery of the next LASS video, where she reveals her feelings through the gestures of dance.
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