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Cyrano is a Scottish producer and multi-instrumentalist welcoming listeners into his indie world with new single Tundra: an honest exploration of social anxiety, personified in leftfield beats with electronic soul. Consoling us with the constant lyrical mantra “but I’ve never really lost my mind”, Cyrano reminds us to battle on when things feel like they’re falling apart.

Sharing the production duties with Foals’ Kit Monteith, the pair experiment with the sounds of artists like Arab Strap, J Dilla and Young Fathers to carry us through multiple genres, from 90s techno to 00s hip hop.

While Cyrano’s voice confidently glides within melodic tapestries, eclectic samples combine with heavy beats to leave the listener in sonic hypnosis.

I wanted to make a track so chaotic, that could mirror the oscillating and often unpredictable feeling of social anxiety, and the journey it can take you on. Our aim was to break our beats and the norms of a song structure to keep things as irrational as life itself when these feelings arise.” 

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