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A queen of quirkiness releases a new album Underglam

A queen of quirkiness releases a new album Underglam

Justice Cow 
(Jessica Kion) a quirky, charming bassist known from Boston-based art-rock band Bent Knee just released her album Underglam that explores themes of female rebellion and strength while battling adversity in the forms of abuse, toxic relationships, and traumatic life events. Between the cinematic story-songs and hyper pop love ballads, lie the essence of the last 5 years for Justice Cow. She spent those years sharpening her tools, learning production, and touring the US. 

Our highlighted track from Underglam is Molasses, very St. Vincent’s sound-alike song, which is not surprising as Jessica’s youtube channel proves that she admires her. The whole album will take you on a trip to the unknown, it’s a very unique musical journey. Jess hypnotizes with her vocals and brilliant lyricism and we have to admit that she is a real spot of sunshine on the music scene. It’s surprising how Underglam is both sublime and musically approachable. Justice Cow created something that simultaneously gives you comfort and lets you dive deep into real art. 

“Molasses is about how we as humans are evolutionarily trained to see the bad and replay it in our minds over and over so we won’t make the same mistake again. For our ancestors, that meant replaying a hunt that was a close call with a dangerous animal but for my modern brain, it ends up being “why did I say that?” It’s about seeing and replaying mistakes and feeling magnetized to them. This song is about being utterly stuck in that mindset and believing with all of your being that your purpose on earth is to be made miserable.” – Jessica shares.