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Michelles are back after 4 years with the first single from their forthcoming album

After a 4-year release break, Michelles – Chicago based duo shares the first single ‘Illusions’ taken from their forthcoming album entitled The Empty Promises of Rock and Roll. The new single calls to mind the driving propulsion of The War on Drugs and the unmistakable vocal stylings of Bob Dylan. Michelles serves us with a solid, uneasy rock piece that carries some beautiful darkness expressed in vocal melodies. 

Leader Michael Daly on the lead single from the album: 

‘Illusions’ was one of the last songs written for the album. Lyrically, it dances around the idea of the masks we wear, literally and metaphorically, the desire to transcend these disguises, and how on some days it really does feel like the sky is falling, but you have to have some lingering faith in the universe just to get up and do it all again.”