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Mehro spreads the magic with ‘like you’re god’


2021’s breakout artist mehro continues to display his generosity by gifting us with fresh new music as we delve into 2022. After the release of ‘howling’ and ‘green felt’- in conjunction with his project ‘Alchemy’ and the ‘Dark Corners’ series- mehro lets loose and flirts with carnal desires on ‘like you’re god’.

‘like you’re god’ is primal, addictive and it’s a real deep, spiritual experience. Skittering beats, half-whispered lyrics, falsetto vocal runs – the track almost enjoys languishing in the bodily desires mehro sings about. There’s a palpable reservation that captures you, waiting for the song to burst but it never does; it just draws you deeper and deeper down into an abyss of yearning. 

mehro breaks it down even further:

This song speaks into existence a side of me that I don’t share with most people. I am very private. So this song feels particularly gut-wrenching to release. I feel exposed, vulnerable and nervous. That’s how I know I need to let it go.