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Meg Mac and her new offer ‘Only Love’

‘Only Love’ is a new single by an amazing Meg Mac whom if you haven’t had a chance to listen to yet you need to catch up asap. Meg Mac is an Aussie singer-songwriter with an absolutely beautiful voice and brilliant songwriting skills that will take you on the trip to the lands of LEON and Florence and The Machine while still keeping the uniqueness that makes you recognise Meg Mac immediately. 

Visuals are created by Tim Georgeson. Meg Mac shares about the process:

Tim had an amazing vision and concept for it, climbing up sand dues in the sun is the last thing I would’ve imagined for myself. But it was perfect, I love everything about it, especially because it doesn’t feel like a music video but more like a film. We didn’t even listen to the song or shoot it to any of the music which feels like it goes deeper into the meaning of the song without me needing to sing. Tim is so talented, the whole team was incredible, I honestly couldn’t be more excited about this video.