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Madge is ready to give pop a future

Madge’s story is unconventional to say the least. A non-binary self-produced artist always ready to give pop a future. The Mormon-raised artist currently makes music in Brooklyn, often writing for other great artists such as Pussy Riot, Brooke Candy, Yungblud, Travis Barker, Slayyyter. Madge says is a little sad and angry, but we think if this is gas for this great music, pour Madge more!

Her new BOXJAR’s album features a great song that we attach below.

“MACROWAVE was the first song I wrote on this album and it set the tone for the whole thing. It was also the first session I had after my dad died. I can hear the weirdness and rawness of it now so clearly two years later – that screaming singing style at the end was purely organic. I honestly hadn’t planned on doing that.” – Madge