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LOYAL comforts listeners with their new offering ‘Floors’

LOYAL, who are moving towards the release of their return EP just released a stunning new offering, Floors’Returning after a hiatus, the collective is set to build upon the sound which saw them pick up acclaim from areas such as Pigeons & Planes, Stereogum and more.  

LOYAL’s sound is very familiar but in a good way. With ‘Floors’ they’re comforting a listener by bringing guitar riffs straight from The XX and vocal lines from The Blaze. Intentionally or not, they tug the heartstrings instantly but in their own original way. 

This is a light song in a post-conflict world that sees a new beginning and hope.  It was recorded at the same time as Pre Battle, thus giving it the same Juju and feeling. This track also features the amazing swoon guitar talent of Steve Wireman. We Synced many analogue synths in real time and recorded passes through endless pedals and FX to create the textures in the song. The bass is live and the drums are carefully selected from sessions with Rob Thomas. Again the choir BV’s support the lead to let her know she’s not alone.