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Love is not real

LA dream-punk duo All Things Blue released their new single ‘Garbage Love’ lifted from new EP ‘Nothing Special’ which follows the pair’s widely acclaimed debut album Get Bit, released in 2020.

Led by singer and guitarist India Coombs and accompanied by longtime songwriting partner Jon Joseph, All Things Blue together create “dream-punk” soundscapes in their most tender form; celebrating life’s experiences and wrapping them in the soft tones of 60s analogue.

New single ‘Garbage Love’ grapples with one aspect of life too all-encompassing to understand through tangible logic or information: ‘Love’. “It’s not real, these chemicals that we feel. Like suddenly I’m alright again, I don’t have time for that”, vocalist Coombs sings amidst lilting guitars, delicate synths and psych-imbued production.

Speaking on the release India Coombs said: 

Typically when I’m asked to decide between career and love life I choose career. I enjoy the time that working on projects fills and I love having the privilege to create art. However, nothing fully takes hold of my mind, barring me from the distressing thoughts of existential dread like the feeling of loving someone…