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Love Crumbs expresses love disappointment through their single Ellipses

Love Crumbs is a folk-rock and Americana group based in Massachusetts. With stories involving triumph and overcoming personal trauma, Love Crumbs holds nothing back – whether sonically or emotionally. In every performance, Love Crumbs projects light, love, and energy. Guitarist and songwriter Michael says of performing together: 

“Creation and the energy around creation is its own reward. Live performance is unlike anything else. Playing music with others is both primal and timeless. It transcends language. It’s a beautiful experience that I wish everyone could have. Almost like another feeling, close to love or happiness.”

Today is a premiere of their latest single Ellipses. It’s a sorrowful story about trying to connect with someone and not being able to despite the best of intentions. It’s about the things that aren’t said or are left unsaid.

I had a relationship that ended kind of suddenly, and I kind of didn’t know why. It was a meaningful relationship to me. The person was typing to me but I never got to hear their response.

Closure isn’t something that someone gives us, in the end. It’s something that we have to come to on our own.”