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Kone Mara doubting existence, the longing and the unconditional love

You can easily fall in love with the Swedish alternative band Kone Mara and their unique compositions. They introduce you to their music very slowly, taking small steps, opening more doors to hit you hard at the end. ‘Will You Live’ is their third release and the last one before their debut EP ‘Nomad’ planned for March this year.

‘Will You Live’ was written to describe the love for valuable things, the fear of losing what you hold dear. The song is about doubting your existence, the longing and the unconditional love.

Kone Mara describes their sound as an ambivalent landscape of colors, darkness and unpredictability. With a weight of drums, melodic driven bass and appealing, melancholic singing. Their inspiration is taken from lots of different things – movies, anxiety, street names, dreams and poems. The music is often focused around travelling, a wish of fleeing the quiet everyday life.