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Knife Girl whets your appetite with ‘Eat You Alive’

The ever evolving Knife Girl – producer and songwriter Lili Aslo – returns with a new supercharged slice of pop goodness – ‘Eat You Alive’ is best served hot, blasting at full volume wearing you dancing shoes. 

The song is about unhinged horniness. It’s about wanting to forget about how love has hurt you for a second and giving into your dumb lust. I wouldn’t say I’m super knowledgeable about Ska but people tell me this song sounds like Ska. I think it sounds like sex. This is the last single before I begin releasing music off of my second full length album. – Lili explains

Knife Girl picks up the pace from her universally praised debut album Uniform from late last year. Uniform bagged award nominations in Finnish environs and helped establish Aslo as a performer of considerable charm.