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Joulie Fox opens up and talks about toxic relationships

After two hardworking years, Joulie Fox presents the first single taken from her forthcoming debut EP ‘Love is a Blessing’ planned for July this year. An album was co-produced with British indietronica singer-songwriter and producer James Yuill.

Joulie seems to use every song to send an important message out there. Talking about depression, loneliness, sadness or toxic relationships she doesn’t make a room for empty lines in her music. ‘Bring Me’ is the first single taken from her upcoming EP and tells a story about being stuck in a toxic relationship and not really realising that something isn’t right. It’s about being the mother Theresia of the relationship, taking all of the bad experiences and being addicted to the pain and playing the role of a victim. 

You know the feeling when you fall in love hard and nothing is right but you keep trying and keep taking the shit, and with time you get used to living like that. Like it was normal. But you just don’t know any better.

Music video was directed by Joulie Fox and Kamil Kuzmiak and produced by OpenCall Creatives.

“We were inspired by Matrix movie and gaming stylistics. Our goal was to show someone stuck in the game, preparing for a big fight “.