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Joulie Fox on loneliness in her new single Falling

After almost a year we’re more than excited to share a new piece from Joulie Fox and hear the first announcements of her upcoming debut EP planned for spring 2022. London based singer-songwriter with polish blood running in her veins never stops surprising us with her inimitable style and brilliant songwriting. ‘Falling’  – her latest piece did not find its place on her debut EP but as the artist says “The song was too close to my heart to be forgotten. I had to release it”. And we’re glad she did.

Under the dreamy, chilled musical layer lies the sad message. Not for the first time Joulie puts the difficult topic into a cleverly written lyrical layer “My heart is thirsty like my plants and my soul is dirty like my carpet. I am in this state of mind, I know nothing”. ‘Falling’ is an honest, catchy loneliness anthem that will melt your heart. 

Joulie about Falling:

When you have this introvert, ‘no bullshit’ personality you never have a trillion friends in your life. You have a few that from time to time also have their own life and you just can’t expect to be their main focus every time you need a bit of attention. The song was written as a made up story and it’s not totally based on my life experience but I have to admit that the older I get the lonelier I feel. It’s like you have all those people around you but they don’t truly know you and there are those moments that you need to talk to someone but there is no one who would understand you 100% so you just become your best friend. Is it sad? Well, depends how many people feel the same way in life…