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JOEY MAXWELL never wants to grow old


Joey Maxwell is a 23-year-old South Londoner with a sonic visionary who mixes irresistible pop hooks with lyrics that capture the exhilaration and bewilderment of being young in modern Britain.

Today he’s bringing us his new single Too Much released on Polydor. 

“Too Much is definitely the most personal song I have released”, says Maxwell. “It’s not easy for me to explore a more dejected part of my psyche, let alone write about it and share it with the world, a role which I think I’ve grown into as I have become more comfortable being a solo artist”. 

Too Much is about the fear of growing old. Maxwell’s repetitive verse “I never wanna grow old” emphasize the extent of the anxiety that comes with that inescapable part of the human cycle of life. Honestly, no matter if you’re 20 or 40 years old this feeling is gonna chase you unless you let go and accept it.


“For me, it plays on the idea that the most insane things are all part of a bigger picture - we’re tiny specks of dust in this universe, one minuscule part of something massive. I think part of that is realised as the song unravels. This world doesn’t owe me anything and it certainly doesn’t revolve around me. I can’t really think of a better example, but humans are like Venn diagrams and the stuff you do solely in your part of the circle has a knock-on effect with the circles that you overlap with. That’s what this song is for me, it’s life-affirming and it’s grounding - it’s me making a choice to contribute and see the colour.”

Joey Maxwell