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Jiwhan Kim brings summertime vibes

Jiwhan Kim, a producer, singer and rapper from Seoul, South Korea moved to the United States at age of 15 to pursue his dream of becoming a music producer. Consistently releasing music from 2020 he already reached one million streams on Spotify. On his debut album ‘World’  he dedicated his song ‘Suicidal Starlight’ for his mom, donating half of the royalty profit donation to the American Cancer Society (ACS).

I always aspired to help people and inspire people, which was influential from my mother who survived three consecutive cancer cases.  

Jiwhan shares. 

In his recent single, ‘Fantasizing You’ Jiwhan Kim collaborated with his sister that wrote about the last summer and her crush fantasizing over each other. Jiwhan Kim created the instrumental based on her story making a bouncy, fresh and citrusy beat with that very strong summer feeling.