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Jeremy Lloyd with a new passion project Clear Eyes

Clear Eyes is a passion project of producer Jeremy Lloyd, the non-vocal half of a duo Marian Hill. The Clear Eyes is a way for him to tap into a different mood, making music with beauty as its first priority and conjuring feelings of serenity and peace. 

‘Heat of the Moment’ Lloyd’s latest single has a significant value for him because it’s the product of a years-long process. It all started with a quick session with Finneas in 2017 and the demo was set. When he started to focus on his Clear Eyes project, Jeremy revisited “Heat of the Moment” to take it from demo to completion. After meeting Kemba and falling in love with his writing, he asked Kemba to write lyrics for the song. Then, in the midst of 2020, he was put in touch with Kevin Garrett and knew those were the vocals the track required. The history and journey of this song only make it sweeter for Jeremy.

‘Heat of The Moment’ exudes the energy of a crooner in a smoky bar that only the locals know about. The looped piano and breezy percussion set the stage for Kevin Garrett’s lilting trills and earnest, but never excessive pleading. You can feel that the composition isn’t It’s a song by a very mature artist. It carries musical wisdom, patience and minimalist perfection. 

I love the idea that I can have a session with any artist, from any genre, and come away with a song that feels like them and also feels like me. It’s about the balance of creating a unique sonic world where there’s still room for everyone. – Jeremy shares