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Jelly Crystal pleasing ears with ‘Don Lemon’

Jelly Crystal’s new single ‘Don Lemon’ is yet another reassuring testament to his songwriting powers. If you’d fancy Tame Impala mixed with Jungle and Childish Gambino – Jelly Crystal is the man for you. This psych-infused indie gem will put you to sleep, comfort you, and assist you in psychedelic journeys or lonely, sunny walks. Whatever, it will just work.

Jelly Crystal – has one foot in the timeless melodies of pop history and the other in the contemporary underground scene of Scandinavia. Born and raised in Gothenburg, his skills on the bass guitar got him noticed in Stockholm, where he moved to and started playing in the bands HOLY and Vacation Forever. Along with these collaborative projects, he began releasing tracks as Jelly Crystal (“I named it after the disgusting jelly cake”). In contrast to that dreaded concoction, his music goes down smoothly with its timeless melodies in dreamy soundscapes. Making his debut in 2017 with a self-titled EP, that he described as (“Imagine an acid-fueled ABBA member writing and performing the soundtrack of Titanic”). The following year he released the single ‘Now Awake’, with Scott Walker and David Bowie as influences, Johnson revels in the kind of high-drama, high-art solo star role those musicians made their names with. Fully loaded, nostalgic and elegant old-school pop.