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Isla Noon – how to make the body our home?


Isla Noon released her new single ‘Body,’ an arresting and spellbinding reclamation of self.

The track begins with haunting swells of Noon’s. An artist delicately and tentatively asks ‘Body, what do I do to make you my home?

Growing up, it was always very important to me to be recognised for my ideas, for my creative work, for what I had to say. As I grew into a young woman I became uncomfortable with the sense that my physical form was preceding those things, that the way I was perceived and treated seemed to hinge on how I looked, dressed, and carried my body. At times, this body felt like a risky vehicle to be in. From an early age we are flooded with input on what is and isn’t ok about our bodies. It’s such an overwhelming intrusion on what is really a private relationship. Writing ‘Body’ was a step toward excavating some of that unwelcome noise from my own mind and extending a quiet peace offering to myself.


Drawing influences from artists such as MUNA, Caroline Polachek, Wolf Alice, and Troy Sivan, Noon has received both local and international acclaim, with previous releases ‘I Need to Go Home’ and ‘Talk About Us’ featuring in Rolling Stone.