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Is life not turning out the way you want to?

The unparalleled multi-platinum chart-topping band AJR share a new single entitled ‘The DJ Is Crying For Help via the band’s AJR Productions label and Mercury/Republic Records

In talking about the new song the band said: 

The DJ is Crying For Help is about the worry of having peaked already. You set these huge expectations for your life early on, and the song is about the moment when you realize life is not turning out the way you planned.

On the track, glassy piano resounds in between pensive lyrics. Picking up the pace, a head-nodding beat underscores a flurry of violin as the confessional chorus echoes, “Now I don’t know what to do with myself, the DJ is crying for help.  The song dips in and out of moments of cinematic orchestration, electronic bliss, and unexpected, yet undeniable pop perfection. 

As brothers and as a band, AJRAdamJack, and Ryan Met—complement one another in perfect harmony on and off-stage. This harmony courses through their inimitable, irresistible, and imaginative alternative pop uplifted by expansive vision, epic instrumentation, and the kind of hooks you can’t shake.