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Indie Pop Spring Anthems


“It’s get better” 

Always good to hear these words. This time with some support comes a self taught multi instrumentalist Martin Luke Brown.

A cultural melting pot, as he describes his hometown, Leicester in the UK, defined his formative years, especially that his journey with music started when he was only 12. Starting early with music Martin admits that he wasn’t ready for big steps. 

In 2017, Martin decided to take an indefinite break from his artist project. He’d already begun working on other projects, and naturally transitioned into more of a collaborator – guiding other artists and helping them find their voice. 

Finally, Martin refined his artistry, leading to his new project. Returning now with a blissful, west coast inspired sound, ‘damn look at the view !’ is Martin’s debut album and one that marks a significant new era in both his musical career and life.

Martin believes making this album has been one of the most defining periods of his life. He started therapy back in 2022 when the world shut down and this project started piecing itself together simultaneously. 

“It has been the ultimate catharsis – returning to the beginning and falling in love with music all over again, re-discovering a sense of childlike wonder but with an appreciation that only pain, time and forgiveness provides” he comments, “I feel like I’m in a pretty sweet spot right now, I’m working on some exciting new projects (Dylan, Sam Tompkins, Sam Ryder) – continuing to co-exist and work alongside some of my best friends and inspirations (Orla Gartland, Greta Isaac, Dodie, James Smith), and beginning to ease back into life as an artist and not just in the background.” He concludes “I guess the overarching themes on the album are around childhood, nostalgia, mental health –  all the big stuff really. Each song is like a journal entry of a specific time in my life – and it gets pretty deep at times – but ultimately the feeling I want to evoke is that life really can be simple and we should squeeze the juice out of every moment.”

We believe the music can heal your hear and soul. And for those in difficult moment, we can say: yes, it get’s better. 


“Deer Hunting Season” 

Bittersweet story by Finnish artist Oskr from the 4-track EP called Quattro Stagioni or: How I Learned to Stop Loving and Fear the Bomb.

Oskr is a Finnish artist, producer and songwriter who grew up in the mid 2000s so his roots are in the modern day indie era. Artist presents theme – the four rough seasons. It’s indie, pop, electronic and organic but still a singer-songwriter EP full of emotion, crisp humor and musical twists. 

The track is the starter of  This ominous yet upbeat synth-popper Deer Hunting Season, invites the listener on a journey through rough seasons. This bitter-sweet story is based on real life events. Its narrator struggles with channeling his feelings and blames them on the season rather than takes responsibility for his own actions.  

Love and our feelings are very often under the weather… Every stage gives us different vibe and we live influenced by  the wheather. Oskr plays with the word game and embrangle feelings into tunes, and juggles with 4 stages and many emotions. With success! 


“Lost in the dark” 

Emo band Korine from Philadelphia serves us synthpop piece 

Members Morgy Ramone and Trey Frye comes back with the  new mysterious release that brings hope (?) to that dark days. New-wave nostalgic, alternative rock with pop delicacy. While the band stays a bit incognito on social media remains somewhat incognito on social media, we interpreted their music positively with great potential!