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I’m Afraid

“I’m Afraid” is the unreleased single from Doc Rhombus’ forthcoming album, Retroactions, out September 8, 2022. “I’m Afraid” drops July 27, 2022. 

A self-taught musician and lifelong student of history with an undergraduate degree in the subject, Doc Rhombus moved to Minneapolis in April 2020 amidst rising COVID rates and intensifying political turmoil. He turned to music as a primary mode of expression, employing novel songwriting and production techniques as a means to cope with mental health issues and make sense of what’s happening in our country. Every note, harmony, layer, beat, and sound on Retroactions is a direct extension of this artistic process, channeled during late-night sessions in Doc Rhombus’ home studio between summer of 2020 and spring of 2022. The result is a brave, intimate, and polished dark-pop project that offers substantive depth and visceral listenability.