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I want to dance, dance, dance!

If you have this feeling to dance, whether you’re on the dance floor or in your bedroom,  you will definitely enjoy discovering these few singles that we die to share with you. In today’s menu we have mixtaped for you a cocktail with a shot of Neo-Soul, a slice of Pop, sprinkled with Chill Wave. We hope this melange will not make you feel too dizzy 😉

CASPER HEYZEUS – Dance if you wanna 

Hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland, Casper Heyzeus are a cuttingedge amalgamation of alternative rock and synth-pop.

With evocative and catchy songwriting, this duo is making waves in the UK and beyond. Their sound brings together elements of classic alternative rock and contemporary pop into something undeniably catchy and danceable

 Casper Heyzeus are an act to watch… or to dance if you wanna. 

CATCHTWENTYTWO – Depp In Your Heart 

CatchTwentyTwo’s presents  futuristic and infectious track “Deep in Your Heart”. The song with proper 80’s vibes treats us with pulsating baseline that is sure to get listeners moving. 

“Deep in Your Heart” takes you on a dance journey to the future and back. From its uplifting chorus to its imaginative soundscape, you’re sure to be lost in the depth and energy of this infectious new single. Don’t miss out and make sure you add this track to your party playlist!

TANA – Hollywood Problems

As at every disco, there comes a moment to slow down a bit and play something slower…

Tana, a genre-bending artist, queer voice with Italian & Nigerian roots who is based in London is influenced by the rich and diverse views on the gay culture.  Unapologetic, revolutionary and liberating, she places diversity at heart. 

Tana dedicates her new Alt pop ballade to Hollywood and LA. With Tana we meet the main protagonist of the song, a girl, we experience together has her ups and downs in the city of (fallen) Angels.

Tana describes her song: “This song is about a fictional character of what I think an LA girl looks like. She’s someone that everyone wants to be or be with, yet despite having it all, she’s got all these problems that only happens to girls like her. They say that LA is the city of angels, but it’s also the city of lost angels, and thats exactly what she is. She’s a lost angel, but she’s so magnetic. I guess there’s something magnetic about a girl thats got it all but is kind of damaged. “

PARAGON – Wash it Down

Rhode Island based songwriter, artist and producer, Paragon doesn’t believe in genre boundaries. You will hear alternative, rock, pop, indie, metal and electronic inspiration all intertwined throughout his musical catalog. Jeremy strongly believes music should not be confined sonically, creatively or structurally to one style.

His beautiful melange of genres we can hear in the  latest and greatest single “Wash It Down”. Allow yourself to be transported to a future of love and emotion that Paragon promises to bring. Get ready to surrender your body to the sweet sound of “Wash It Down” and be prepared to get lost in his magical melodies!

STOLEN JARS – Somewhere Else

Brooklyn band Stolen Jars’ new song, “Somewhere Else,” is an isolation-inspired dance anthem about feeling stuck in one place, both physically and mentally.

In the summer of 2020, vocalists Cody Fitzgerald and Sarah Coffey, and guitarist/coproducer/co-songwriter Elias Spector-Zabusky set out to write a song they could shout along to––”and it still feels good to scream it now,” they say. The resulting track is a liberating ode to connecting with others through the glow of a computer screen, pandemic or not.

When times get tough and the path seems dark, it’s up to us to see through it. We can find the strength to carry on and use it as a reminder of our own inner power. Fitzgerald&Coffey music help to find it. Tune in and let Stolen Jars signature sound, drive you deep in your heart, and show you the  new world through a electrifying lens.

Hanna Kantor

Hanna Kantor

Founder of OpenCall Magazine. Fashion and commercial photographer. A graduate of Journalism and Photography at the University of Warsaw and Universita degli Studi di Milano. Sleeps long, works even longer.