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Hunter Moreau is back with a catchy ear pleaser ‘Sleepyhead’

I believe everyone should be more in touch with the vulnerable parts of themselves,” says Hunter. “Stepping outside of your comfort zone is the only way you can truly grow, and I think my music would help them get there.


Hunter Moreau has a voice that is hard to forget. The voice that is able to take away even the worst mood. Her sophomore single ‘Hazy’ have been chasing us since the last summertime and she made us wait over a year for another lovely piece of music ‘Sleepyhead’. She steps outside of her comfort zone again to express the most vulnerable parts of herself, captivating listeners along the way.

The story of ‘Sleepyhead’ started out in my bedroom, ironically. I was in my bed doing a lot of thinking, and probably a lot of overthinking. I fell into this repeated game I play with my mind, getting wrapped up in my own thoughts and worries and emotions. As l laid there, I started to think about how everyone goes through these sorts of “fights’ ‘ or “games’ ‘ with their own minds, often repeating the same toxic ways of thinking over and over again because we’re so accustomed to it. I began to write down some of these ideas I was having, and that’s when I came up with the line, “I built myself a house of tricks, with a clock on the wall that always ticks.” The rest of the song more or less grew out of this line. I was trying to capture the idea that your mind can seem like this crazy, scary thing that you can’t control, but it really is something you built yourself, based on your own ways of thinking. I had just written the chorus and couldn’t quite figure out where to go with the rest of the song just yet. I showed Pom Pom and Zoe Moss what I had so far, and we all talked about the struggle of mental health and the maze that is your own mind. From there, the rest of the song just flowed out of us, it seemed like a concept that was so universal but also meaningful, and we couldn’t wait to share it.