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How to get through the worst break up ever with Ambarian

Breakups are never easy, but the process of going through one during a pandemic can be especially difficult. This was certainly true for a singer-songwriter Steve Ambarian. When he experienced the worst breakup of his life it happened in 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. To express feelings and process the emotions he wrote a dark baroque-pop/psych rock song that explores the uncomfortable experience of learning that someone close to you has been lying. With harpsichord and beats, this song is Ambarian’s way of sharing heartbreaking story and understanding how to cope with the grief of a breakup during a pandemic.

After ten+ years of working in various bands and as a solo artist / producer, Steve dropped his first name and began recording and performing as Ambarian. He released his debut album — Behind the Veil of Sleep — in late 2017.

After pandemy Ambarian continuous reinventing and honing his signature sound, fresh off the heels of a turbulent couple of years of health issues and heartbreak. His upcoming album — Ever After — promises some of his most deeply personal work yet, dealing with the five stages of grief and the death of a love once cherished. The first single — Everybody’s Princess — chimes with flairs of Indian instrumentation, lilting flutes, and dubby basslines, while it’s darker follow up — Betrayed — peers through a furrowed brow of plinking harpsichords, stabbing guitars, and a taunting, childlike vocal hook.

OpenCall can’t wait to hear more these dark melodies…