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Heir ready to smash 2022

80s groove-pop meets harmony driven storytelling and your new hip-shaking, heart-wrenching, tear-jerking, classic-pop fantasy is born. Heir are not very new on the music scene but 2021 was the year for them to shine and build solid foundation for 2022. Airtime on Radio 2 was swiftly followed by a sell out UK tour and the launch of their very own music and arts magazine, Blueprint. Now, with the winds of success in their sails they treat us to yet another taste of tongue-in-cheek songwriting and catchy melodies with new single ‘As Long As I Can’t See You’

I think when an ex-girlfriend unexpectedly turns up to one of your shows with her new boyfriend it’s sort of crying out to be written about. It’s probably the swiftest lyric we’ve ever written actually. The experience was so vivid and bizarre that we found ourselves being happy to be quite literal with the storytelling – it opened up a new approach to songwriting really i.e. if you can tell it exactly how it was then do. 

The band have already spent some time recording at Abbey Road this year, a place with which they are becoming quite familiar.

We had the pleasure of being invited back by the legendary producer that is Ken Scott (The Beatles, David Bowie, Elton John). It means a lot, being able to document your work within those walls. I keep banging on to everyone around me at the minute about being part of the tapestry of music history. I think with music now being so accessible, taking so many forms and serving so many purposes it’s easy to confuse yourself with what you’re trying to achieve as songwriters and artists. Ken and Abbey Road remind us of what we’re trying to achieve – they are deeply woven into that tapestry that we’d like to be a part of.