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LA-based singer-songwriter Albon comes back with his first 2021 single Heaven, following his recent EP release. Albon creates folk-inspired indie rock falling somewhere between the dreamy lineage of The Beach Boys, Grizzly Bear, (Sandy) Alex G, and the whimsical soundtrack to Disney’s 1953 rendition of Peter Pan. 

Albon began making music in his Northern Chicago suburban bedroom at the age of 12. Initially, he played his dad’s nylon string guitar upside down. An artist quotes, that playing the guitar upside down was most likely caused by his learning disabilities which included symptoms similar to ADHD. Currently, Albon’s style of writing is informed by an “upside-down mind” as he tends to write songs backward, starting with the end and working his way to the beginning of the song. His public musical career has been somewhat limited due to his perfectionist qualities, as he has a library of over 150 plus finished songs, but has only released 14. Plublossums (2014), was Albon’s first attempt at creating a cohesive body of work, as he wrote, engineered, and recorded everything on the record. The album was eventually picked up by LA tape label Hellhole Supermarket.


“The song ‘Heaven’ is simply about the paradoxical nature of ego; in that, we want to feel all the good but end up self-destructing as a result of that chase. “I want to try just to be open wide but I’m scared of the pain and the things that feel just like heaven” is the verse repeated throughout the song. The instrumentation is unique, ironic, and modern as it lands in an almost theatrical realm. Heaven is not for the light of heart, but it resonates with the basic human condition and will have you snapping along.”