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Hauskey is back with his new single ‘Go Wrong’

Australian artist and producer Hauskey is back with his new single Go Wrong via slowplay/Republic Records. It’s his first release since last year’s debut EP Slow landed.

So have you ever felt like worrying about bad things that may come to you even if your life has been so good to you? You’re in the right place. Go Wrong conveys exactly this message

Hauskey says, “If you’ve heard my music, you’ve probably picked up an air of pessimism in my writing. Lately, some exciting stuff has been happening, but my natural tendency to expect the worst is holding me back from enjoying it. And so, we have ‘Go Wrong;’ me and my brain being unable to celebrate a win, however small because it’s so quickly on the lookout for the next stumbling block.”

Go Wrong is a great combination of upbeat, light-hearted music and pessimistic lyricism mirroring the feeling of living a pretty good life and still being mentally dragged down by our own, tricky brain.