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Guns N’Roses icon’s daughter releases single So Hyper


LA-based singer/songwriter, pop-punk queen Grace McKagan debuts her newest single and visual for SO HYPER. This 60s inspired garage rock hit speaks to the crush stage of meeting someone and getting “So Hyper” about them.


“SO HYPER is a really fun song about the excitement of wanting to be with somebody and knowing they wanna be with you too. The video was filmed where we write all of our music and shows our process with writing.” – states Grace.


While listeners may have gotten used to McKagan’s affinity for a more complex sound, her solo foray sees her scaling back, leaving the hard rock and punk sound The Pink Slips coined behind. Instead, the singer embraces an amalgamation of alt-rock and ‘60s garage rock, playing with sultry melodies and more vulnerable songwriting. Traces of the artists who influenced McKagan, like Iggy Pop, The Kills, and Nancy Sinatra, are weaved throughout her songs. But McKagan’s dark signature sound keeps her music original and inspired.

Grace just announced that she is performing at Leeds Festival end of August alongside Liam Gallagher, Yungblud, Disclosure, Queens of The Stone Age, and more.