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Glass Taxi shares their timeless single ‘Take It’

Matt Norris and Melissa Burgess are friends since high school that started sending songs back and forth during 2020. Melissa was a portrait painter in Atlanta when she began collaborating with Matt long-distance, pulling from her love of songwriting and art, as well as her experience as a classically-trained pianist. Matt was a fixture in the Atlanta music scene, playing in groups across genres and opening for bands as varied as Deerhunter, Mugison, and, randomly, Mumford & Sons. In 2015 he sold all his possessions (except musical instruments) and left the States, living in Berlin, Krakow, Taichung, and London, before settling in Poznan, Poland. 

2022 is a special year for Glass Taxi filled with many musical releases. The first one called ‘Take it’, released on February 18, the duo calls ‘a popular song in its purest sense’. Their original desire was to create a song that will be timeless and we think that ‘Take It’ deserves to be called that. It’s a song that could be easily created in the ‘60s as now. The song brings an old-school ‘The Beatles’ vibe while also reminding of more modern pop-rock bands like The Arcade. Matt’s and Melissa’s vocals compliment each other and create a very ‘feel like home’ aura. 

In life, we find ourselves tugged about by promises. We’re all waiting on something, sometimes. We’re all hoping that words spoken — by officials, advertisers, media, friends & lovers — play out in their actions. We all occasionally find ourselves at the edges of our seat, yearning for the thing suggested to be true — To put our guards down. To be surprised. To be taken.