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Girls rock it!

In this article you  meet 3 different girls that are creating amazing, totally different music. I buy all of them. Girls power!


Strangers on Saturn

Not much to say about this song apart from the 2 facts:

  1. The song and the vocal are soooo beautiful
  2. It was created by 14 years old artist! Huge talent, potential and maturity

No words…



LaRosa’s sound is a unique blend of electric, bedroom-pop, indie pop, and other variations of the genre. LaRosa’s visuals are inspired by thriller, horror, and sci-fi movies and television shows, and provide the backdrop to her hand-crafted sonic universe.

My heart started to beat faster hearing this beat. HEARTBEAT.

From Isabel on the track – “HEARTBEAT” is inspired by situations involving two people who have a secret, mutual obsession with each other, and how they attempt to hide those feelings. As the song continues over a dark, dance/club influenced beat, the lyrics pick up in intensity, showing how deep young obsession can be. Overall, the song encapsulates a romanticized version of infatuation, and how that feeling can overtake one’s thoughts completely. 


Bad Flamingo

I will keep it short as I love indie rock. Now that I know what “Tennessee does it to whiskey” I chill with a glass of JD and listen to Bees Making Honey. Hypnotising me.