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FRESH MUSIC PREMIERE – Dilettante with a new single ‘Bonnie’

Dilletante, a five-piece band releases ‘Bonnie’, the first single off of their upcoming debut album. ‘Bonnie’ is a powerful pop song inspired by a fleeting romantic interest of bandleader Natalie Panacci, who unknowingly wrote the opening lines when revealing, “Bonnie, you’re a work of art. You’re a wild card. You’re a dreamboat into my heart.” 

Bandleaders Natalie Panacci and Julia Wittmann were born just two days apart. Their celestial connection lets them intertwine and create harmonies of two unmistakable voices that blend impossible shapes and colours, but never lose themselves in each other.

Their self-titled debut album will arrive in May 2022, and it’s going to be real proof of how powerful pop can be. The band promises fantastic double harmonies, pulsing bongos, rolling low-end, and show-thieving synth leads.