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French Alps Tiger releases an anthem for angry souls

French Alps Tiger are Russ, Duffy, Jess and Durke. Named after the elusive tiger found only in the French Alps of South Wales, they like writing music that reminds them of being kids and playing shows that remind you too. Mixing fun energetic rhythms with raw melodies, wavey guitars and lyrics about your mum. 

‘Lost Boys’ is French Alps Tiger’s fifth single and is a slacker rock, surf punk anthem to either fling yourself around in grimy venues or to put it on your headphones and run away from your problems. Russ (French Alps Tiger) explains:

Skate-Punk for the Blind Drunk. You didn’t have to think of the last thing you thought of. So why try, Eh? Instead, enjoy this Ode to all those consciously pissing into the wind, just because they’re used to the taste, and feel uncomfortable not being drenched in a mess of their own making