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Freewheeling spirit of the seventies – Emma Elisabeth


Berlin-based Swedish artist Emma Elisabeth shares a single ‘Lovers’ bringing the freewheeling spirit of the seventies and the vibe of Maggie Rogers. It’s the second single from her new LP about the complexity of relationships.

After growing up surrounded by instruments, playing in various bands and majoring in vocal studies at prestigious Kulturama in Stockholm, Emma embraced the great wide open and travelled the world. She has been travelling and making music in London, Paris or the United States, where she was invited to play the renowned SXSW festival, and she even toured Japan with one of her bands before she decided to settle in Berlin – temporarily, that is. 

She’s perpetually inspired. By her own life, by the people revolving around her, by the mundane and the magic. Constantly working on music, constantly writing, evolving, reflecting.

As she explains about the song:

It kinda explores how epic yet fragile a relationship can be. If something feels great and carefree at the moment, enjoy it. At some point, that rush will start fading, and you might see things in a different light. But you can always look back at that moment in time, not being in control and enjoying it. I wrote and recorded it in collaboration with my colleague Dane Etteridge, and the song was written with a big focus on the melody, first of all, just starting with an acoustic guitar and vocal. Right before I had also just twisted my knee when falling with my bike, so maybe that’s how the vocals got this extra layer of pain.