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Foxy Panic

L.A.-based, punk-tronic pop duo Foxy Panic brings a breeze of fresh air with their edgy, electronic single Blue Light. The duo formed by Lena Brown and China Morbosa is inviting anyone who dares to one sexy-ass dance party. They grew up hating pop music but with time their rock’n’roll hearts found the freedom of musical expression within it. 

Blue Light is a dark piece that will encourage you to go wild and do things you may slightly regret in the morning. The song filled with very addictive, hypnotizing melodies accompanied by repetitive drum patterns will definitely put you in a trance.

‘Blue Light’ is the soundtrack to the after-hours underbelly of a modern metropolis. As we have always been inspired by exploring our own urban landscapes, we decided to write from the multiple perspectives of the eclectic characters, emotions, and realities we have encountered along the way. Each verse that China sings describes a different neon colour, illuminating one of these corresponding realities. Lena then intertwines her choruses for Foxy Panic’s signature call and response, describing the conflicting duality that exists within the late-night decisions. – Foxy Panic