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Flower Face shares material from her new album

Flower Face is a 23-year-old Toronto artist writing songs in her bedroom since she was a high school freshman. She blossomed out of the Internet. A classically trained pianist and fervent journal writer, growing up in the digital age of Instagram, YouTube and music streaming, Flower Face very quickly learned how to market and grow her bedroom project from a daydream to a healthy 7 million streams across online platforms. She did this without a label, a manager, or any industry guidance. 

‘Sugar Water’ her recent song taken from the upcoming album ‘The Shark in The Water’ premiered on the 21st of January is a dreamy, pop-rock piece accompanied with vocals that will melt your ears. With this release, Ruby McKinnon aka Flower Face signed to Nettwerk Music Group.

Ruby about the song:

This song is very different from anything I’ve released before. It’s a lot more pop-esque and upbeat. I wanted to make a music video that would match that because I’ve never had a song whose sound would match a really bright, fun video like this one. The idea for the video came to me when I was thinking about Dance Dance Revolution, which I had as a kid and played every day, as well as Karaoke Revolution, Rock Band, Guitar Hero, all those early 2000s music-based games. The song is about being so infatuated with someone so much that you ignore all the warning signs because it feels so fun and exciting. So I thought it would be cool to have me performing the song in this video game world where I’m failing miserably, but I don’t even realise it until the very end when it suddenly hits me all at once. Just like that kind of relationship.