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February love stories

It’s a month of LOVE and we have for you the hottest pieces of February. Songs that talk about love in all of the shapes you can imagine!

Dutch/British artist Someone shares the final single I Guess I’m Changing taken from her second album Owls. A lush, enveloping psych-pop track recalling the stirring emotional heights of contemporaries such as Feist or Sharon Van Etten and accompanied by a sci-fi visual telling the tale of an android’s awakening, created alongside up-and-coming Hollywood director David Spearing.

On his dynamic new single ‘Caroline’ out today on all digital platforms, the pop/alternative songwriter and American Idol star Fritz Hager spins a fictitious tale of a one-night-stand; a sitcom-esque drama wherein the main male character forgets the name of his heroine acquaintance. 

Following the release of their debut album in 2021, which now has over 650k streams worldwide, London-based duo Zoe Konez (she/her) and Sarah Smith (she/her) – aka CATBEAR – are blasting into the new year with a brand new single.

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed and lost in the challenges of being an individual in today’s world – even just walking out of your door can feel like you need to put your armour on to prepare for judgement, whether at work, on the bus or at the supermarket. ‘I Choose Love’ is your armour for a message of defiance, of confidence to be yourself, and a reminder to treat everyone as equals.

Childlike, a 19 yr old artist/producer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada intensly focused but hopelessly silly, darkly and joyfully emotional, but quirky, persistent and determined yet inspired, optimistic and still very much a kid. Most of her writing happens on a piano that used to be her Mom’s. Her new single ‘DAMAGE’ was fully written and recorded in her home studio and deserves a listen!