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Exploring Le Husky’s ‘Un zoo la Nuit’: A musical journey through isolation and sadness

Le Husky’s latest EP, ‘Un zoo la Nuit’, is a haunting exploration of the inner struggles of isolation and sadness. Drawing inspiration from the 1987 Jean-Claude Lauzon film, this album takes the listener on a musical journey through a world of animal metaphors, dissecting and expressing the inability to communicate, the pain of living, and the feeling of being trapped. Through this powerful piece of music, Le Husky manages to capture the beauty and sorrow of these universal emotions.

In 2006, Le husky was born in the middle of the Montreal independent scene boom (Arcade Fire, The Unicorns, Malajube, etc.). He quickly creates a universe where pop songs and melancholy are mixed, and quickly gets noticed thanks to a homemade demo of a rare sensitivity, which quickly ranks at the top of the university and community charts in Quebec.