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ETAN with a new dreamy single ‘Hang On To Me’


ETAN has always felt a sense of foreignness wherever she went, yet always made a conscious decision to belong, no matter where she may be, which inspires a unique feeling of universal relatability in her tracks.

She was born in London to an artistic and musical family, starting her musical training at the age of 5. When she was 9, she moved with her family from rainy, foggy London to the bubbly, sweaty city of Tel Aviv; The result – a well-mannered British girl with a sunny, Mediterranean vibe. ETAN’s globally inspired sounds led her to build a strong presence in the Tel-Aviv indie scene. But in 2017, ETAN – a passionate believer in freedom of speech and equal rights for all, decided to return to London to pursue her solo career.

Hang On To Me’ – her latest single, romantic dreamy synth-pop piece brings Robyn vibes. ETAN’s vocals are very comforting and alongside beautiful melodies can soothe any broken heart.

HOTM is a song I wrote about a loving relationship that is also very co-dependent. Feeling towards your partner are so strong, you end up isolating yourself and giving up on your dreams and desires… it’s like an addiction. Funnily enough, I wrote this song before the pandemic and being locked in for months with my partner, like the rest of the world. I felt it was so relevant, and decided to release it.