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Trouble in Paradise by Windser

‘Trouble in Paradise’ is the latest single by Windser, a singer-songwriter based in Northern California. It’s the first single from his forthcoming debut EP planned for spring of 2022. Windser started recording in 2020 and his music reflects heartbreaks, loneliness, and the growth one experiences in moments of change. 

‘Trouble in Paradise’ is simultaneously danceable and dreamy and gains a certain freshness through the simplicity and lightness of its production. It’s a song that takes you back in time and effortlessly makes you feel good.

Windser says of the new single,

The song is about LA. About my experience moving to Los Angeles from New York, playing music here, meeting new people, and feeling overwhelmed by how beautiful everything can be when bad things happen. Sometimes this city can feel completely isolating, but I often find that time spent alone allows me to be more honest.

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