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A playground for the shared experience

Brighton based shoegaze trio Thyla releases a single Gum’ promoting their upcoming self-titled album planned for January 2022 via Easy Life Records. Originally the record was planned for this year but as well as many other releases their album premiere was also disrupted by recent events.

Thyla describes their music as “a playground for the shared experience”. Thyla’s work exists as signposts to emotional moments in time, channeling the chaos of modernity into a sanctuary built from balance and nuance. They’ve often made their art about turning burden into relief, and lead single ‘Gum’ is Exhibit A of such an approach. Characteristic swirling synths and crashing guitars punctuate a song about shrugging off the weight of the world.

‘Gum’ is about shrugging the weight of the world off your shoulders – being stuck, knowing it, and choosing not to care. The world is weird; life is confusing. You’re not always going to get what you want, but let’s stop talking about it.” lead vocalist Millie Duthie explained.

Thyla will headline London’s The Waiting Room on Feb. 16, 2022. You can grab tickets here.