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Bold unisex fashion from the streets of Berlin

HOQZ STORE enters fashion market with a bold and colourful step

The new label will sell second-hand vintage clothing. It is guided by the care for our planet and other values, which should be strongly exposed and emphasized nowadays. This year will see the launch of HOQZ STORE, an online second-hand vintage clothing shop owned by two friends, Magdalena Starczyk and Oktawia Borkowska. The shop launch will be preceded by the first campaign, which will take place on the brand’s Instagram. 

The assortment to be found in HOQZ is carefully selected second-hand vintage items. Most of the goods that will be found in the shop is unisex, the offer will include blazers, shirts, jumpers, jackets, coats and many more.  HOQZ is a bold and unisex selection, which is proven by the brand’s first campaign, and with it a photo shoot created on the streets of Berlin. It was inspired by expressing yourself and your personality through your clothes. HOQZ is supposed to carry such values as love, equality and tolerance. 

That is why no professional models took part in the shoot, but rather ordinary people from different ethnic groups, which is the idea of the producer and stylist to manifest tolerance and equality. The session is intended to celebrate the uniqueness of each of us. And where does the idea of selling second-hand clothes come from? Our daily choices have a huge impact on the planet and the environment. Statistically, every second a truckload of clothes lands on trash heaps, most of which can be given a second life, says Oktawia Borkowska, co-owner of the brand. 

By choosing second-hand clothes we contribute to the reduction of waste and, as a result, to a better environment, which is what our concept is about. We focus on reworking and refurbishing clothes that are already in our wardrobes. HOQZ is not just a fashion brand, it is a whole philosophy which is based on the good of our planet and the lack of involvement in the overproduction of clothes, declares Magdalena Starczyk, the other half of HOQZ and the originator of the concept.