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Dutch brothers have something to say

However 4B2M may sound like a designer drug, the abbreviation stands for four brothers, two mothers. Hailing from the Netherlands; the two sets of brothers had been on their own separate musical journeys. Despite the four have known each other since childhood, they only started making music together in 2018. A series of much-hyped live performances across their home country swiftly built a reputation but no recordings existed, until now.

Their new single Money For Sale forms the final track on 4B2M’s debut EP and is accompanied by a stunning visual directed by Floor Bijkersma that focuses on the relationship between people, nature, and construction. A searing commentary on the cost of capitalism shows a band that has both a sense of humor and something to say “It feels like you can’t turn a corner without the devil (capitalism) rearing its head.”

The song takes influences from a broad array of artists, neo-soul from the ’90s, Red Hot Chili Peppers style guitar solos, and blue-eyed soul from the ’60s. The cinematic feel of the song is conveyed in the beautiful shots by accompanying video from debuting director Floor Blijkersma. This associative music video, shot on 16 mm, focuses on the relationship between people, nature, and construction. It was filmed in highly stylized Dutch countryside: the Flevopolder, the Bussumerheide, and a park designed as a recreation area.